How To Get 50 Free Stripchat Tokens

Here is the best way to get 50 free Stripchat tokens when you open a new account. Just follow the 3 steps below to get your 50 free tokens.

  1. Sign up with the Stripchat white label site

Stripchat white label sites are copies of Stripchat main site with a slightly different design and different domain name but you get exactly the same models, features and everything you get on the main Stripchat site. The only difference that is important in this case is that some of those sites (like give you 50 free tokens as an incentive to open an account with them.

2. Be active, interact with models

You will not get your 50 free tokens just for signing up, you have to be active, watch the free shows and interact with the models. Once Stripchat see you are an active member they will credit your account with 50 free tokens as they want to keep you active over the long run.

3. Take advantage of special offers

After getting the 50 free tokens as a new user you can still take advantage of various Stripchat promotions and get free or bonus tokens. In fact Stripchat run several promotion every year like Summer Sale, Black Friday deal or Christmas offers where you can get free tokens or buy new ones at a huge discount.


  • Can I get the free tokens with an existing account?

No, the 50 free tokens offer is for new accounts only.

  • How long does it takes to get the free tokens?

Depends on how active you are. There is no time limite, it’s based on your activity and when the Stripchat AI consider it’s opportune to give you the free tokens to keep you active.

  • Is the offer available in my country?

Yes, it look the offer is available in all country although it is not possible for me to check every country in the world.

  • When I go to I don’t see the 50 tokens giveaway banner.

Stripchat and his white label site use different landing pages based on your country, browser language, device, etc. Not all landing pages have the free tokens giveaway banner but the offer is available and works the same regardless if it’s advertised on the landing page or not.

  • How much are the tokens worth?

The cost of tokens on Stripchat depends on many variables. If you want to buy them, the more you buy the cheaper they are. Also, if you take advantage of Stripchat special offers you can get them at a huge discount.